ICAD/VisionLab is a Research & Development Lab on Visualization, Digital TV/Cinema, and Games. The mission of the Lab is  “to promote technological innovation and education emerging from the convergence of computer graphics, artificial intelligence, digital entertainment, visualization, and games”. ICAD/VisionLab is a pioneer in VFX R&D in Brazil.

IGames (Intelligent Games) – is a division of the ICAD/VisionLab dedicated to research & development in Games. It was founded by Bruno Feijó in 1989 with the main emphasis on Intelligent CAD and Computer Animation. Only in 2002, after the academy started accepting Games as serious computing, the name of the laboratory added the term Intelligent Games.

Only recently, games and other digital entertainment applications were recognized as serious computing and a forum where the most difficult challenges in computer science converge. These challenges are due to the real-time requirements found in simulation. Games are an interdisciplinary area involving computer graphics, artificial intelligence, multimedia, computer animation, networks, … . Also games are more than mere entertainment boxes. Games have an enormous potential for applications in industry, education, defense, and visualization. The so called Serious Games are a new strategic area

ICAD/IGames has the following objectives

  • Integrate all technological fields involved in game development, such as Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering and Internet;
  • Create new ideas and concepts for digital entertainment;
  • Become a reference center for training and education in digital entertainment;
  • Develop tools for game production both in high-end consoles/PCs and mobile devices.


ICAD/VisionLab, DI/PUC-Rio
Ed. Pe. Belizario, Térreo
R. Marquês de São Vicente, 225
Gávea – Rio de Janeiro RJ – BRAZIL
Cep 22453-900Phone: (+55 21) 3527-1500 ext 4534 / 4533

Departamento de Informática – PUC–Rio