Shape Arena is a success among family games on Steam

Some of the best experiences you can have as a game developer is watching people having fun playing something you created!

We had this opportunity with the launch of our first game on the Steam store: Shape Arena! Since then we’ve had incredible experiences reading players feedback and watching videos like the one below, with a family playing and having fun together!



Shape Arena’s launch was on August 3rd of this year and is available for free on our Steam page.


Link for Shape Arena on Steam





SBGames 2020!

Our latest release, Shape Arena, will participate in the SBGames Games Festival for the second consecutive year, in the category of games developed by students.

SBGames (Brazilian Symposium on Games and Digital Entertainment) is the largest and most important event on games and digital entertainment in Latin America. It is an itinerant event held by the Special Gaming Commission of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC). This year’s edition will be online and will take place between the 7th and 10th of November, tickets are already available on the official page of the event.

Shape Arena is a 2D multiplayer game in which players control geometric shapes drawn on a blackboard, in which they must compete against each other to collect all the candies and achieve the highest score. Released on August 3, 2020, the game is available on the Steam store and it is free.

Our newest project!

Today we’re going to show you a little bit about our next project, which is a tamagotchi, a virtual pet game. It’s a little plant that is born inside a pot (tamapote: 3) and needs special care. This project is still under development and we will soon post more about the next steps.

Shape Arena in GDWC 2020

We’ve been invited to take part in this year’s GDWC, an event for game developers worldwide, with our latest launch, the 2D multiplayer game, Shape Arena. 

The GDWC is an annual Worldwide Game Development Championship, where the finalists are invited to visit companies, events and game industry hubs in Finland. It’s a great chance to showcase our work to the game dev community!

ICAD/Visionlab promotes Global Game Jam 2020 at PUC-Rio

The Global Game Jam is an annual distributed game jam when participants gather to develop ideas, form small groups, create new, creative, innovative games, and present them to their peers and the global community, all in a limited time span of 48 hours.

Since 2016, ICAD/Visionlab promotes a jam site at PUC-Rio to offer the opportunity for students to participate in the event. This year we made a movie to document the event.

The documentary is available at youtube (in portuguese language)