Renato Coutinho de Almeida Junior

Undergraduate Students


Hi, my name is Renato. I’m a Design student at PUC-RJ. I’m passionate about the way games tell stories in different ways, and it’s with that passion that I’m interested in the field and everything around it. I also have other interests in the areas of technology. I’m part of ICAD as a game designer, because I’m always thinking about creating a game, be it analog or digital. I like physical and electronic sports, simple digital games and complex analog games, I love listening to stories rich in knowledge from older people and I like to study (sleep too). Regardless of which professional field I follow, I intend to take this magical world of game creation with me. Re-signifying “I only know that I know nothing” by Socrates: I don’t know what I know, nor what I don’t know. I only know when I need to know and when I don’t know is when I give up.