Theo Necyk Agner Caldas

As a Computer Science student at PUC-Rio, I like to take part in projects related to Game Development and Sound Design. Also, the opportunity of being a programmer at ICAD helps me study subjects of my interest, such as game coding architecture and Unity libraries. Got a cat named Kiwi. 

João Gabriel Vasconcelos Façanha Lima

Design student at PUC-Rio. I’m a digital illustrator and  a fan of farming and survival games! Came all the way from the North of Brazil to Rio de Janeiro to explore all the places Design studies can lead me. Oh, I also love cooking! 

Arthur Augusto Claro Sardella

Computer Science student at PUC-Rio. I’m a programmer at ICAD, and I enjoy playing games and messing around with technology and game development.

Pietro Trotta Cure Oliveira

Design student at PUC-Rio. I’m a Game Designer and I am interested in level Design, Creative Process and history games. I have created two games in 2D world.