Two ICAD Games/VisionLab team members were finalists at SBGames 2021’s Arts Festival

Congratulations to Ian Geraldi and Sofia Mello (Maki) for being this year’s finalists at SBGames Art’s Festival, the largest and most important event on games and digital entertainment in Latin America.

Ian, member of the sound design and programming areas of the lab, brought ‘Conta Gotas’ to the SoundTrack competition. The title is one of the many musical arrangements of the original theme present in the Tamapote game.

Sofia created ‘Indecisão Evolutiva’ and was chosen as a finalist in the Experimentações e Fanart category. Her intention was to mix the cute aspect of the game, the bizarre and horror characteristics seen in Junji Ito’s work with Donguri Kyouwakoku’s pallet scheme to this piece.

We are proud and thankful for their dedication in the making of this project.

Link to their presentation:


Balance of the Year

We at the ICAD Games Team want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a New Year of many achievements! Although 2020 was a year of many challenges, our team grew, we managed to launch two games on Steam, we also started a new project and ended 2020 with a sense of accomplishment, with many news to come in 2021!

Tamapote has returned!

You are watching a teaser of animation sequences of one of the characters in our next game!

This project is a virtual pet game, in which you are responsible for generating the characters from genetic combinations, and, after birth, you need to follow all stages of its development. You will need to pay attention to the expressions of your pets to understand its needs in the game.

Our pet begins as a seed and gradually comes to life and becomes a little plant, which we affectionately called “tamapote”.

Stay tuned in the next posts to follow the creation process of this little game that we intend to launch soon in the mobile phones’ main app stores!

Award in Industry Track at SBGames 2020

Professor Bruno Feijó and professor Augusto Baffa, coordinators of ICAD/VisionLab, were awarded for the paper “Advertising and taxation in online games”, receiving the 3rd place in the category “Best Paper” of SBGames 2020. The article was presented as part of the activities of the Industry Track in the XIX Brazilian Symposium on Games and Digital Entertainment, which took place in November as an online event.

You can check the paper here:

Bruno Feijó and Augusto Baffa in a previous SBGames

Spookyard, the first major game project of ICAD/VisionLab on Steam

We’re here today to showcase the team’s first big project we managed to take on!

Being made for the 2017 SBGames where it ranked 2nd, Spookyard was a big stepping stone for the lab, so it’s with great joy we announce its Steam Store release!!

The game is a 2D multiplayer game that has different and competitive dynamics for each arena, and is now free for whoever wants to experience it!!

Who will you be challenging to take you on this amazing, spooktastic game?

Link to Spookyard’s Steam page:

Spookyard Teaser: