I’d say that I’m a man driven by curiosity :-)

Curiosity has been my guide over these years, and after all I became a Doctor in Informatics by following it.

I’m into mobile entertainment – I look for new ways for people to have fun with mobile devices (specially smartphones), and this includes using networks for all of them to communicate.

As I’m a curious guy, I also like to explore different ways to do old things – I ended up with developing innovative games that use gestures for controlling the game characters. I also have developed non-visual games for mobile phones, including ones that are multiplayer (they are listed in the projects page).

In the mobile industry, I’ve been recognized internationally by being selected yearly as a Nokia Developer Champion (from 2007 to 2014), until the Champions program was ramped down in 2014. I also have won other prizes and contests during this period.

I collaborated with Nokia through the Nokia Developer Champion program and as an Nokia Developer Wiki administrator for seven years, where I helped with the Wiki’s overall maintenance and with deciding the Wiki’s direction.

As a researcher, I was able to publish papers on relevant international conferences and journals, as SBGames, SIBGRAPI, ACM Computers in Entertainment, and the Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society. I’m also a member of the editorial board in the International Journal of Computer Games Technology.

During my Doctorate years at PUC-Rio, I’ve been supervised by Prof. Bruno Feijó and I’m a member of VisionLab/PUC-Rio. In the past, I have worked with Computer Graphics and software architectures for PC games. This work (at UFF) helped to start game development research there.

In this website, you’ll find:

  • Some projects I have developed (undergraduate and graduate levels)
  • My resumé
  • Contact information

Have fun! :-)




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