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Research Project - Informatics Department - Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio)
Edirlei Soares de Lima <>
Antonio L. Furtado <>
Bruno Feijo <>

Comics are a unique and classical form of storytelling. The advent of interactive narratives brings the possibility of interaction to the traditional comic books. In this project we explore the use of artificial intelligence techniques to blend narrative generation and interactive comics. The project involves the development of a non-branching interactive comic system capable of generating dynamic interactive narratives in the format of comic books. The system allows users to freely intervene in the stories by interacting with the scene objects, and then observe the consequences of their actions in the unfolding story.


   Lima, E.S., Feijo, B., Furtado, A.L., Barbosa, S.D.J., Pozzer, C.T., Ciarlini, A.E.M., 2013. Non-Branching Interactive Comics. Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE 2013), Enschede, Netherlands, November 2013. [DOI:]

Prototype Application:

The prototype application developed to test our interactive comic's system pertains to a zombie survival genre. It tells the story of a family that lives in a world dominated by a zombie plague. The main characters of the narrative are: the brave husband, Mr. John; his beautiful wife, Anne; and their children, Emma and Jimmy, who are always getting in trouble. In the main storyline, one of the characters is attacked and infected by a zombie and the family tries to get an antidote to save the victim's life.


   Download Interactive Comics Beta (Story Server)
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