Robbie Alves de Carvalho

Hi!! I’m a computer science stuedent at PUC-RIO and a new member of ICAD team, working in the programming area. I have many intersests, but i particularly enjoy technology and programming, especially when it comes to AI/Game Development. I have been developing games and programming projects for about two to three years now. I’m also into digital art and have been praticing for the past five years, although i don’t draw as much these days. In my free time, i enjoy watching anime, playing games, exploring cyberpunk things and listening to a lot of music.

Miguel Arcanjo Peres Brandt

Computer Science undergrad student at PUC-Rio, joining the ICAD programming team in 2023. Interested in all things math and tech related, especially low-level software and AI. Looking to create innovative experiences using modern tools, and to have some fun in the process.

Manoela Aires Rodrigues

I’m an undergraduate design student at PUC-Rio who joined ICAD’s art team. I take an interest mainly in character and concept art and designing posters. Currently, I’m learning how to 3D model and looking forward to improving my skills and having cool experiences.

Luísa Bulcão Milhomem Ferracioli

I’m a design student at puc-rio. I love comics/manga and art in general as well as movies and of course video games. I work at the art team at ICAD.

Leila Jorge Masset

I’m a design undergrad at PUC-Rio, and currently part of the ICAD team as a Game Designer. I love creating expressive works, which mainly include narratives and other ways of story-telling, but also illustrations. I look forward to improving my skills in the game world with ICAD.