Pedro Henrique de Sá Freire

Design student at PUC-RIO. 3D Artist and Game Designer. Learning everything there is to know about making games and their 3D Models. I´m very interested in everything game-related, including art, game design, sound and programming.

Olavo Lucas

Computer Science student at PUC-Rio. Interested in anything related to technology, joined ICAD at second semester of 2021.

João Victor Godinho Woitschach

Game Designer and Computer Engineer student at PUC-Rio.  Interested in anything programming and game development related,  I’ve joined iCAD to challenge myself in the world of game design and fulfill my childhood dream of working with gamedev.

Rafael Braga Terni de Castro

Game Designer and programmer since when young currently studying Computer Science at PUC-Rio. I have a passion for games and the work that goes into them. I enjoy every part of game development but I really shine at design and programming.